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Giant Space Dog Turns Out to Be Laika from Sputnik 2 Launch

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Laika, surrounded by scientists and superhero, Ural

By Skip Daverman

MOSCOW – The giant space dog that emerged from the Russian asteroid earlier this week turns out to be the space dog, Laika, who was shot into space on the Sputnik 2 in 1957.

After several DNA tests were conducted that showed the giant space dog had Earth dog DNA, someone in the secret Russian testing facility remarked that the dog looked like Laika.  The photos of Laika from 1957 did look like the giant space dog, but they were not convinced.  After all, she had died within hours of her ill-fated launch.  Cosmic rays have been known to mutate human and animal DNA in the past, but without a DNA sample from 1957, which they didn’t have, they wouldn’t have a way to conclusively determine the giant space dog’s identity.

Luckily, they had one lead, tucked away in the back of a binder of the Sputnik 2 flight records.  Dr. Vladimir Yazdovsky, one of the Sputnik 2 scientists, had taken Laika home with him to play with his children before the launch.  Yazdovsky has long since passed away, but his children are still alive.  They were brought in to see the giant space dog, and the giant space dog recognized them immediately.  She ran up to them and slobbered all over them (one required medical assistance afterwards), but it was confirmed.  The giant space dog is Laika.

How she survived all this time is still not known.  It was long thought that she died soon after launching into space, but seeing as the Russians didn’t disclose that fact until 2002, it’s apparent that they kept part of her flight a secret.  What the Russian government will do with her is not known, but rumor has it President Putin wants to ride him like giant horse.