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International Time Court Rejects Hellena’s Case

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hellenamugshotwebBy Chase Chapley

PARIS, France – As expected, the International Time Court rejected Hellena’s request to be tried before them in a unanimous 9-0 decision.  She will now have to return the New Romford City Court for her trial.

Hellena, the alternate timeline version of Titana stuck in our timeline, was caught several months ago stealing a device from ATOM Labs.  The nature of the device has not been disclosed to the public, but reports indicate it had time travel capabilities.  After being apprehended by Titana, Hellena was going to be tried before New Romford City Court before her attorney requested to be tried before International Time Court.

The nine judges of the ITC were not persuaded by Hellena’s arguments.  Her attorney argued that all time-displaced beings should not be bound by a timeline in which they did not originate.  Hellena’s timeline involved the increased danger of Napoleon Bonaparte in the early 19th century, where he gained, according to her attorney, near godlike powers from the Ark of the Covenant.  She had to make a deal with Lord Hades in order to combat Napoleon, and this turned her evil.  “Her innate nature,” said her attorney, “is fundamentally different due to a fundamentally different timeline.  You would no more judge an alien from another planet by Earth standards, so why impose such sanctions on a time-displaced being such as my client?”

The judges questioned her attorney for a half hour, specifically about the nature of the device she was accused of stealing.  This portion of the court transcript is classified, but the judges were critical of using their court to try someone for theft, especially when no time travel occurred.  After a ten-minute deliberation in their chambers, the justices unanimously declined the transfer request.

Then Hellena flew at the judges before being restricted by the Time Bailiffs.  Hellena was sedated and returned to Peace Force Special Custody to be returned to New Romford.

Most legal experts agree that trying to attack the ITC will hurt her chances of acquittal at New Romford City Court.