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BREAKING: People Have Turned Back Into Barbarians on Halloween; Not A Prank

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barbarian castle

By Chase Chapley

The NRPD and Peace Force are reporting that people who have come into prolonged contact with the Seaside Castle or any barbarian objects have turned back into barbarians.  They are congregating at the Seaside Castle right now, and even though this is Halloween weekend, this is not a prank.

Ever since Vrog was defeated some time ago, various barbarian artifacts have been found across the city, primarily in Dukes.  The Seaside Castle was the most obvious artifact and has since been turned into a tourist attraction.  An investigation showed that it contained no magical residue, so it was allowed to remain where it was and to let civilians near it.

Apparently, the investigation should’ve been a bit more thorough.

“I was getting my kids ready to go trick-or-treating,” said Monae Stevenson, “and I look out my window, and there’s a whole bunch of people holding swords and spears and clubs walking by.  And they’re wearing, like, animal skins.  I thought they were a weird flash mob or something, but then they started smashing cars, and I was all, uh uh, we’re staying home tonight.”

There are multiple reports of similar people marching through the streets of Dukes, smashing cars and menacing people.  The NRPD has tried to stop them, but apparently, once the new barbarians touched them, they also turned into barbarians.  These reports have been unconfirmed by the NRPD, but several videos have emerged online showing some change happening upon contact.

ATOM Labs has confirmed magical readings similar to Vrog’s in the vicinity of the Seaside Castle, and the Peace Force has sent several heroes to handle the situation.

As of the writing of this article, it has been reported that the buildings adjacent to the Seaside Castle have begun to turn into barbarian structures as more people gather there.  It also appears looting has begun around here, too.  The NRPD and Peace Force has instructed anyone not turned into a barbarian to avoid the coastal areas of Dukes for the foreseeable future.

More to come soon.