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Community Spaces Used for Gathering Points

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By Chase Chapley

Reports are coming in that parks, playgrounds, gyms, and garages are being used as shelter and gathering points.  Ralier Stadium and GBH Stadium are being occupied by the larger people-dinosaurs as they are the largest open-air spaces Downtown.

While these places make sense when you’ve grown much larger due to the Dinosaur Queen’s “Dino-Ray,” I don’t know how safe it is to be out in the open with the Dino Army out in force.  I can only see what the army officers have done within a 6-8 block radius.  I’ve heard from some of the flying people-dinosaurs that they’re concentrating in Downtown New Romford, but a few divisions are moving into Dukes and Bexton.  So far, they seem to only be interested in keeping the peace, so to speak, but I’ve already seen what they’re capable of if we got out of line.

Be careful when congregating in open spaces.  I understand that we all need to stick together, especially if you’re suddenly 100-feet tall and weigh 20 tons, but be ready to run at any moment.

Who knows what the Dinosaur Queen has in store for us.